About Bonds:

When a person gets arrested they are eligible for bail in most cases that are not life or capitol punishment cases or warrants that a judge signs and at his or her discretion feels that a no bond status is necessary.

Most cases have a standard bond amount, set by the county in which a defendant is arrested and every county has a different bond schedule.

In those cases a defendant may post his standard bond with a bail bondsman for a 10 percent fee before the defendant goes before a judge.

Alternatively a defendant can chose to go before a magistrate judge the following day and let the judge determine if the standard bond is sufficient to secure the return of the defendant for all future court proceedings. 

The system of bail exists so that the defendant can have the opportunity to continue his or her life while waiting for their trial to end.


 Consideration for obtaining bail

The most important factors that a judge will consider when determining bond amount and whether a suspect will be appropriated bail are:

  • The severity of the crime that they’re being charged with.
  • A suspect’s risk of flight.
  • Is the defendant a danger to the community?
  • Does the suspect have an extensive criminal history?
  • Has the suspect missed a court date in the past?

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