Articles | August 2018

August 21, 2018

 There has been a change in the Miami-Dade County bond schedule effective

August 16th, 2018.

An individual arrested on any of the following charges will be required to post the new bond amount for that particular charge to be released.

The accused may elect to stay in jail over night and he or she will have their initial court appearance the following day.

The presiding judge, at that hearing, has the ability to make adjustments to the bond amount and or the bond conditions for each defendant.

This first court appearance is for the purpose of determining the appropriate bond  

amount to insure the appearance of the defendant at all future court dates.

A fee of 10 percent of the total bond amount must be paid to use the services of a bonding company.

The defendant also has the option of paying a cash bond to the clerk of the courts for the total amount of the bond.

The bond must be paid in cash at the jail and the person posting the cash bond must have valid picture identification.

The person posting the cash bond will also be required to sign documentation stating that any fines or court cost imposed with regard to the criminal case will be taken from the cash bond, therefore reducing the amount that will be refunded to the cash bond depositor, something to keep in mind when trying to decide which course to take in getting your friend or family member out of jail.


The new bond schedule is as follows:

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